Introducing Our Dogs

Our Dogs 2013
From Left to Right: Chardonnay (6years old), Aqua (11 years), Piper (12 weeks), Harley (5 years), Whiskey (18 months), Scrumpy (11 weeks), Abby (4 years), Limari (15 months), Soda (3 years), Havana (5 years), Char (6 years), Tequilla (8 years), Fire ( 1 year) and Alize (6 years).

 Photo taken by Myrthe Dresselaers
Our Beautiful Dogs 2012
Left to Right: Alize, Fire, Aqua, Char, Chardonnay, Harley, Tequilla, Soda, Havana and Absinthe

Our Team December 2010 
From left to right: Chardonnay, Harley, Alize, Tequilla, Tui, Absinth, Havana, Char, Aqua, Spirit, Soda (baby puppy)

Our team December 2008
From left to right:  Aqua, Char, Tequilla, Chardonnay, Spirit, Tonica, Ice, Shiraz and Alize.



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