Lenora Easy Living 

This is the story of Limari and her journey to New Zealand. Limari was born in Easy Living Kennels proudly owned by Lisa and Hans Roeters. Limari's father is Prince Charming Van De Weyenberg and her mother is Halexandra Easy Living. Limari is destined to come across the  world to us in New Zealand and this is the story of this journey and all her friends that she has met along the way......

Easy Living Bernese Mountain Dogs
Hans and Lisa breed some beautiful Bernese Mountain dogs. It was important for us that the dogs are house pets first as that is our biggest belief also. At least when they come visit us they will understand the dog hair in every place imaginable. Lisa and Hans breed following the rules of the FCI, St Hurbertus as well as the Belgium Bernese Mountain Dog Club. Easy living breeds for health, long livity and temperament, which is what made their kennels so appealing to us. We contacted them a few years ago and they agreed that they would sell us a puppy! The wait was long but well worth it Limari is beautiful and from what Sandra tells us has the personality to match! We will be forever indebited to Hans and Lisa for selling this beautiful baby to us.
If you want to check out there beautiful dogs their website is http://www.bernersennenhonden.be
Above: Hans and Lisa with Easy Living dogs from left to right Halexandra, Limari, Kalina and Jelena
Above: The Easy Living Girls.......Halexandra, Babushka, Georgiana, Dio and Gathinka
            Left: Kati, Georgiana, Jelena and Halexadra                  Right: Halexandra and Jenson              
Above: Hans other love his motorbike ohh and a bernese, Georgiana. The only thing missing is the rest of the Bernese and Lisa :)
              Left: Lisa and her girls, Gathinka, Georgiana and Babushka     Right: Lisa,  Jenson and Enikita
                                                                                                                                      (his grandmother)
Above: Lisa Gathinka, Jelena, Halexandra, Jenson, Georgiana and Kati
Left & Right: Hans Roeters bonding with little Limari
                                Left: Lisa and Hans with Limari                                        Right: Hans and Limari
Above: Lisa with her dogs Jelena (left) and Limaris mum Helexandra (right)

Little Limari and the Dresselaers Family
Sandra, Ronnie, Myrthe and Yannick are kindly taking care of Limari for us and they are doing an amazing job! With all the awesome pictures that Sandra emails us I dont think Limari will grow one millimetre without us seeing it. Apart from touching her we can see everything and the best part about it is that she will come well trained!! We are missing out on all the toilet training and basic obdience!! And we owe this all to Sandra and family.
Above: Sandra cuddling our little baby!!!
Above: Ronnie walking Limari
                                             Left: Myrthe and Limari                         Right: Yannick and Limari

Little Limari and her friends.......
                               Above: Ronny pushing Limari in her pram.                   Right: Ann giving little Limari pats.
Left & Right: Ronny
                                    Left: Charissa                                                   Right: Katrien and Laura
                                 Left: Cindy                                                                             Right: Laura
                                         Left: Ronny                                              Right: Limari and Algo
                              Left: Limari                                                                      Right: Limari and Algo
                               Left: Limari and Lelia                                                  Right: Limari and Isabella
                          Left: Limari and Isabella                                            Right: Limari and Isabella
                                 Left: Limari                                                      Right: Limari and Yuna
                          Left: Limari and Lloyd                                                Right: Limari, Lloyd and Yuna
                        Left: Limari and Yuna                                                 Right: Limari, Lloyd, Yuna and Zyko
Left & Right: Limari, Lloyd, Yuna and Zyko



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